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The Wheaton Group was founded with one goal in mind: to serve our customers by helping them achieve their strategic business objectives. We do this by providing the highest quality services at competitive rates while utilizing the best human talent and technology available today.

William Hwang – Owner and Senior Consultant

William Hwang has worked as a consultant to The Wheaton Group since 2009. Since then, Will has gained the trust of customers and colleagues with his outstanding work, commitment to mission, and professionalism. With over a decade in the recruiting industry, Will has gained a breadth of knowledge and experience in commercial, start-up, and government recruiting unmatched by others.

Through hard work and dedication, Will has gone from being a consultant to owning The Wheaton Group! After 5 years of dedicated service, Will purchased The Wheaton Group from the firm’s founder. Will is dedicated to carrying out the founding vision of providing the best service to the best clients.

Will has a BS in Finance and Management Information Systems from Drexel University’s College of Business and Administration.